The Shirk Report Volume 449

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When they leave you hanging so you just straight up leave
Bae: Come over / Me: I’m in the middle of a baseball game / Bae: My parents aren’t home / Me:
Public service announcement
There are no stupid questions
The Internet remains undefeated
What did the five fingers say to the face?
You can do it put your teeth into it!
You crazy lady lol
Meanwhile in Canada
That’s what you get for trying to pass on the inside
The bar has been set
The timeline is firm
Met Obama today
Marketing missteps # 97,356
Until next week


The Last of the Iron Lungs
The man who sold shares of himself (thx for sharing Ty Smith!)
How the End of Net Neutrality Will Change the Internet
Mysterious object confirmed to be from another solar system
Meet the world’s youngest self-made billionaire
A man is about to launch himself in his homemade rocket to prove the earth is flat
How Pie Became A Powerful Punchline In Political Provocation
How Whitney Houston Shaped The Biggest Movie Soundtrack Of All Time
Is Snapchat Making Us Forget What We Look Like?
The Ice Apocalypse



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