Small Town Police ‘Completely Terrified’ To Remove IT-Style Red Balloons Tied To Sewer Grates!

There’s viral marketing, and then there’s just mean!

The terrifying-looking big screen adaptation of It hits theaters on Friday, September 8, and terror is in the air — specifically in the helium.

Photos: Scariest Clowns In Movies & TV

The Letitz Borough Police Department in Pennsylvania posted to its official Facebook account on Tuesday that pranksters had “completely terrified” them by tying red balloons to a few sewer grates around town.

Apparently they’re big cinephiles.

See the pics of the prank, along with the LBPD’s cute response (below)!

We are seriously impressed with how good a sense of humor these cops kept about the whole thing!

Of course, it all would have been so much scarier if it had happened in Maine…

Later, after the story went viral, the LBPD posted a very silly update:

At least…

We HOPE they’re not serious. Now THAT would be scary! Ha!

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