Ready Player One Scary ‘Easter Eggs’ TV Spot (2017) | Movieclips Trailers



The new Ready Player One Movie spot has the craziest easter egg! Did you see IT?

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  1. Did you catch the new easter egg? Make sure to share with your friends and see if they can spot it too! ;)

  2. Don’t watch, there is nothing new. Just a garbage edit from the first trailer with a jumpscare at the end .

  3. Today I was soooooooo lucky. I really hate these jump scares anywhere. Exactly at that scary scene, i recieved call and then when i turned it on, i saw the ghost. I turned the volume down and continued the last seconds.

  4. Nobody can take a joke 2017 smh is this what people have come too? After seeing this video I WANT TO SUBSCRIBE!

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