Millennials Sick Of People Telling They Should Move Out Of Their Parents, Explain How Times Have Changed

According to a recent study, 18 to 34-year-olds in the USA are less likely to be living independently of their families and establishing their own households than they were in during the Great Recession. Despite falling rates of unemployment and increased median salaries among them, these days Millenials seem to need extra help when it comes to leaving home. But while some argue that the fear of moving out of your parents’ place is the fear of leaving your childhood behind and becoming an adult with all the responsibilities that come along, others disagree. Tumblr users are sharing their thoughts about why they think adults who continue living with their parents aren’t failures. Scroll down to check out their reasoning and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Despite falling rates of unemployment and increased salaries among them, fewer and fewer young adults are moving out of their parents’ place

Image credits: _BlackZA

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And while some people agreed with these points

Others had different opinions

What do you think?

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