McDowell’s from ‘Coming to America’ reappears for Halloween

McDowell's is back.
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You wouldn’t want to dine at a McDonald’s knock-off, except for McDowell’s.

The mock restaurant which featured in the 1988 classic Coming to America reappeared in Los Angeles for Halloween, and yes, people went wild for it.

Hollywood restaurant Fat Sal’s turned itself into a McDowell’s for the occasion, which you might recall where Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall from the fake African nation of Zamunda get jobs at in the film.

“Me and the McDonald’s people, we have this little misunderstanding. See they’re McDonald’s. I’m McDowell’s. They got the golden arches. Mine is the golden arcs,” the restaurant’s owner Cleo McDowell explains in the film.

For the occasion, Big Sal’s staff got dressed up in McDowell’s plaid uniforms. Details, folks.

While some visitors dressed up as their favourite characters from the film. In this case, the King of Zamunda, who was played by James Earl Jones in the movie.

Even Shari Headley, who played Lisa McDowell in the film, showed up to the mock McDowell’s.

Customers could order the restaurant’s specials, such as the Sexual Chocolate Shake, Zamunda Fries, or even the Big Mick.

Yep, the Big Mick doesn’t have sesame seeds on the bun, as prescribed in the film.

And of course, the employee of the month went to none other than Akeem Joffer.

Fat Sal’s wasn’t the only restaurant to get the McDowell’s treatment, with iconic Chicago hot dog spot the Wiener’s Circle getting itself a Coming to America-themed makeover for Halloween too.

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