Man Leaves Flirty Note on Married Womans CarThen She Sees a Familiar Phone # at the Bottom

We all know that feeling of walking out of the gym and feeling like a total hot, sweaty mess. Disheveled ponytail, no make-up, sweaty palms, pit stains—the whole bit.

It’s probably the last moment that we’d expect to get hit on or asked out by a mysterious stranger.

But that’s exactly what happened to author Brené Brownwell, sort of.


She walked out of the gym one morning and was shocked to find a note on her car that read, “You are really cute. I am going 2-stepping tonight, if you would like to join me. Call me.”


Her initial thought was, “What the heck?” Who would leave something like this?…but then she noticed the familiar number scrawled across the bottom.

She wrote in her viral Facebook post, “Someone left this napkin note on my car at the gym this morning. I was like, ‘What the heck?’ Then I recognized my husband’s phone number. He had me at two-stepping. #doyoulikepiñacoladas


Married or not, it’s the sweetest refreshment to be constantly pursued.

Husbands, don’t ever forget that your wives still need this…because everybody loves piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. ❤️

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