Today we are making some healthy but simple vegan recipes that taste delicious! We're making sweet potato pancakes, thai almond salad and granola cups!

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1 cup waffle mix
3/4 cup almond milk
3/4 cup cooked sweet potato (I just microwaved mine)
2 tbsp oil
1tbsp ground flax seed + 3 tbsp water

to top the waffles:
1 scoop ice-cream (if you want)
almond butter
maple syrup

lettuce or salad mix base
bell pepper
snow peas
green onions
sesame seeds

1 tbsp almond butter
1 tsp soy sauce
1 tsp maple syrup
1 tbsp lime juice

Granola Cups:
1 ripe banana
3 tbsp maple syrup
1 tbsp oil
1.5 cups oats

to fill:
yogurt or cashew cream, which you can find tons of recipes for online!


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  1. All your recipes always look mouth-watering!! Such a pleasure to watch :) Kisses😘😘

  2. If i watch your videos, i want to be vegan too. But its so hard for me to not eat cheese. Cheese is so delicious. Another reason is that i have a big family and they all eat meat and milky things. So its hard to watch and also to cook my own meals :-(

    1. Ur Crush you can be ovolactovegetarian(i really don’t know if i translate ‘ovolactovegetariana’ well)😂

    2. Great. Now i am in the mood for some cheese and wine🍷
      I also like it with grapes… Fresh.

    3. Thank you guys. You helped me so much. I will try. Thank you for the motivation! I’ve never expected so many comments. It’s good to hear that you had the same problem, so i will try it too!! ❤

    4. af i love anykind of cheese too .Btw i could definatly go vegan but my parents say that because Im a growing organizm I need to eat meat once a week and eat /drink dairy products twice a week so you could say Im almost vegetarian…by the way Im 11sooooooo

    1. I lost 25 pounds after my pregnancy from my daughter Alice. I had created tried everything and can not lose fat. On The Other Hand did an extremely sufficient diet that brought me accomplishment. The dietary plan is on this internet site here *TOP2DIET . COM*

  3. where is the adorable little waffle maker from? I’ve been looking at buying one and that ones just soo cute!

  4. Would have liked it if you made the waffles yourself and didn’t use a box mix. For example, in Germany, we don’t have these box mixes and I think it would have been more interesting if you made them all from scratch.

    1. nixrosalilapink not really. I’m actually vegetarian but I really enjoy cooking vegan things and I really want to try the diet c:

    1. Me…
      I think there are maybe a few dishes where it adds nice flavor instead of a soap taste..

    2. Sarah Cecilia – LOL sounds like my hubby. I think it’s one of those foods you either love or hate.

    3. Sarah Cecilia it’s a definitely a genetic mutation- if you have it, cilantro tastes like soap! It’s the same as the mutation where some people sneeze at the sun when they walk outside (if they have the mutation)

  5. Started going vegan today and your recipes have been saving me !! (Even though I already messed up once)

    1. It’s okay! It’s not about being perfect, it’s about trying to do less messed up stuff to the world. <3

    2. Moe Anderson atleast you’re making the effort to go vegan, little mistakes happen sometimes :)

    1. +Space Giraffes ahh it’s hard because everyone with IBS has different tolerances :(! What sort of breakfasts do you normally eat? ❤

  6. I definitely want to try the waffles once I get a waffle iron! Also, the granola cups would be really good for vegan s’mores! Like for kids or a party because it wouldn’t be so messy.

  7. Normally I enjoy your videos, but using a packaged waffle mix and adding oil is not my idea of a healthy meal.

  8. What happened to doing one recipe per video? Just curious! I actually prefer this format.

    1. +shamoanuh I got pretty overwhelmed uploading 3 times a week! So I went back to this and I like it better ❤😊

  9. Question for clarification. How many waffles did you render from the amount of waffle batter that you created for this video?

  10. Getting tons of questions about the waffle maker :). The brand of the actual waffle maker is Dash. I got it from a store here called Homesense (it’s kind of like a department store that carries tons of brands) but I know you can find it on Amazon! I bought mine for $10 but I think amazon has it listed for quite a bit more :( Let me know if anyone finds it cheaper anywhere else! <3

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