Even Elon Musk was starstruck during the Falcon Heavy launch

If you think you were excited watching SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch, here’s how Elon Musk handled it.

On Saturday, National Geographic shared an exclusive clip of the SpaceX CEO taking in Tuesday’s launch. 

“Holy flying fuck, that thing took off,” Musk said as the Falcon Heavy rose from its launch pad at the Kennedy Space Center. The clip shows the CEO running outside to watch the rocket his company built take its first flight.

Tuesday’s event was a big one for SpaceX. The company successfully landed two of the rocket’s three engine cores back on Earth after launch. One missed its mark and landed in the ocean instead.

As we reported earlier this week, Musk was careful ahead of the launch to manage expectations about how the Falcon Heavy would perform, noting that he hoped it wouldn’t explode. Happily, it didn’t.

Now, thanks to a successful launch, a red Tesla Roadster carrying a faux astronaut is flying through space. 

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