The Revolutionary Street Art Project That Inspired Banksy And Empowered A City’s Youth

June 15, 2017

… ever solo show, Graffiti Nation, at Bristols Upfest gallery, the home of He also worked with Inkie on the See No Evil art exhibition in 2011 and 2012, and remains a fierce advocate for spaces where artists can legally paint. Hes also set to feature in another BBC documentary, which will analyze the U.K. street art scene in the decades since Operation Anderson. I look back and I feel that all those years ago I was vilified and I could have possibly lost my job, he said. Then two years ago Im …


Sanders Movement Plots Democratic Party Takeover At Weekend Gathering

June 13, 2017

… point is really that persistence is extremely important, he concluded. The more than 4,000 Sanders followers that gathered this weekend to talk strategy, commiserate and hear from the countrys progressive rock stars at the second annual Peoples Summit conference in Chicago were largely ready to accept Sanders vision of a long slog toward progress and his insistence that the best vehicle for the electoral component of those efforts remains the Democratic Party. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) …


China, the King of Coal, Is Getting Gassy

With factories and power plants across China burning half the world’s coal, the government’s latest targets for using more natural gas to ease the country’s worsening air pollution seemed too ambitious. Though gas remains a small and  The results are encouraging analysts to upgrade their demand forecasts and may signal the government is on track to reach its goal of getting as much as 10 percent of its energy from gas by 2020. It’s also bolstering the outlook …

May 26, 2017

Southern California D.A. Admits Jailhouse Snitches Are ‘Probably’ Liars

… programs existence. The evidence began to surface in the case against his client Scott Dekraai, who pleaded guilty to murdering eight people at a Seal Beach hair salon in 2011. The sentencing of Dekraai remains in limbo now amid the allegations of misconduct by prosecutors and sheriffs deputies stemming from the discovery of the use of an informant. Prosecutors apparently relied on information from Cleveland despite the district attorneys offices own records that labeled him aproblem …

May 20, 2017