Sick Day Recipes (Vegan/Plant-based) | JessBeautician

July 4, 2017

INSTAGRAM: @jessbeautician TWITTER: BLOG: SNAPCHAT: jessbeautician FACEBOOK: CREAMY COCONUT & BANANA PORRIDGE (Serves 1): 1/2 can coconut milk: 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup oats 1 banana Almond butter: Flaked almonds First add the coconut milk and water to a small pan on a low heat. Leave that to gently simmer whilst you slice up half of the banana. Take the other half of the banana and mash it until smooth…


Record-Breaking Heat Wave In Southwest Reportedly Claims 4 Lives

June 22, 2017

The first two fatalities recorded in the three-day heatwave took place on Monday in Santa Clara County, California, south of San Francisco, and included a homeless person found in a car, the San Jose Mercury News reported. It is tragic when someone dies of hyperthermia since in most every case it could have been prevented, Dr. Michelle Jorden of the Santa Clara County Coroners Office told the newspaper. A Phoenix…


WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Healthy Vegan Recipes

June 18, 2017

☾ INSTAGRAM: @tenillemikaela ☾ SNAPCHAT: @tenillemikaela ☾ EMAIL: ♪ MUSIC: MEATLESS MEATBALL RECIPE: Lentil/Bean Chilli Recipe: INGREDIENTS: -1 medium red onion -3 garlic cloves -1 can Diced Tomatoes -1 tbsp Tomato Paste -1 Cup Red Lentils -1 can kidney beans/ black beans -4 Cups Water -2 tsp Cayenne (or less if you don't like it too spicy) -1 tsp Paprika -1 tsp Cumin -1 tsp Cinnamon -2 Red Capsicums…


Lincoln Memorial Pool To Be Drained After 80 Ducklings Die

June 11, 2017

The first batch of the dead ducklings was discovered May 20 and the rest were found over a two-day period. Necropsies by the U.S. Geological Surveys National Wildlife Health Center determined they had died of high levels of microscopic parasites that develop in snails living in the pool, according to a statement from the park service. The parasites are ingested by the ducks when they eat the snails. The deaths…


Trump’s Climate Withdrawal Is An Impeachable Offense

June 9, 2017

These 22 senators wrote to Trump, asking him to pull out of the accord. The president and the senators put their own political and economic interests above the safety, security and indeed survival of the American people and the entire planet. Under the pact, the Obama administration promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 26 percent to 29 percent lower than 2005 levels by 2025. The United States is the second…


9 Times Donald Trump Twisted Facts In His Speech Quitting Paris Accord

June 2, 2017

President Donald Trump announced plans to withdraw from the Paris climate accord on Thursday with a White House speech that made the historic agreement sound like a trade deal, which it isnt. But that was just one of the thorns in his Rose Garden statement. The nonbinding pact to reduce planet-warming emissions, approved by every country but Syria and Nicaragua, commits its signatories to slashing greenhouse gas outputs and coming…


Parties ‘were close to Brexit agreement’, says Foster – BBC News

The Labour leader said “all bombing is wrong”, as he was repeatedly asked to condemn the IRA alone for its role in the Troubles. Mrs Foster denounced those comments as “beyond the political pale”. Snap election The talks aimed at restoring the power-sharing executive were put on hold on 27 April until the general election is over. Secretary of State James Brokenshire extended the talks deadline until 29 June. At…

May 22, 2017