Accidental Alert Warns California Of An Earthquake That Happened In 1925

June 23, 2017

… LA Times bot even generated an article about the fake quake: Apparently false alarms are fairly common, though the AP says they rarely report quakes so big or in such populated areas. Lets just hope they were wrong about any quakes in 2025 too. More From this publisher : HERE Recommended ProductsFlexSocial – 6 IN 1 Social Media Marketing Suite Manage and Mass Automate All Social Media Tasks In One Dashboard Save Time Managing Your Social Media Marketing Get More Done, SAVE TIME, …


Foreign Carmakers Invoke Reagan To Sway Trump On Trade

June 17, 2017

… supports involves modernization and revitalization, suggesting it would back changes to the agreement removing remaining barriers to trade, particularly in areas of the economy that did not yet exist when NAFTA was brokered. It works very well for us right now. You can always strengthen an agreement, said Chip Bowling, chairman of the National Corn Growers Association in remarks before Ross spoke. Bringing NAFTA up to speed with the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which would have created …


Theresa May: 10 reasons why the PM blew her majority – BBC News

June 14, 2017

… traditional Labour areas, which Mrs May was banking on to win a big majority. Like the social care U-turn, or the pledge to bring back grammar schools, it may have given anyone flirting with backing the Tories for the first time in their lives a reason not to switch their vote. 10) Events Theresa May wanted the election to be about Brexit but the terror attacks in Manchester and London changed the course of the campaign. Suddenly it was all about security and anti-terror policy. This should have …


The ‘Boy In The Ambulance’ Emerges In Interviews With Pro-Assad Media

June 7, 2017

… reemergence in the media was met with skepticism. Some speculate the recent television appearances on state-run news channels could be a regime-coordinated ploy to project an image of normality in government-controlled areas of Syria. The government has a history of using propaganda to show its supporters – even the reluctant ones that its in control, Syria analyst Annia Ciezadlo explained in October. More than that, its demonstrating that its the only force within Syria that can …


London Police Say Officer Injured While Taking On Attackers With His Baton

June 5, 2017

… locations. The on-duty transport officer, who was outside London Bridge station when the attacks began, joined the BTP in 2015. Many others also rushed to help the victims of the attacks. Tales of heroism described patrons throwing glasses, chairs and bottles at the suspects. Cafe Brood restaurant owner Mark Stembridge saidhe instructed staff to quickly gather patrons off outdoor balcony areas and move them away from the doors. Florin Morariu, a Romanian chef at a local bakery,told The …


Actually, Mike Pence, Climate Change Has Nothing To Do With A ‘Liberal’ Agenda

June 3, 2017

… GOP donoralso urged Trump to uphold the U.S.s commitment to the international pact. Defense Secretary James Mattis Climate change is impacting stability in areas of the world where our troops are operating today, he said in written testimony to the Senate Armed Forces Committee. It is appropriate for the Combatant Commands to incorporate drivers of instability that impact the security environment in their areas into their planning. Hagel has also said global warming should be considered a …


Painful Chinese Foot-Binding Was More Than An Erotic Practice, Study Finds

… findings, Bossen believes, prove that women in rural areas who had bound feet didnt get the recognition they deserved. And while this new research suggests that this painful practice wasnt solely for mens desire, it doesnt make the practice any less oppressive. This woman’s mother did not properly bind her feet. “That is, her mother lacked expertise so that the feet did not achieve the desired shape, but were nonetheless painfully deformed,” Bossen explained. Still, …

May 27, 2017